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Tuesday, September 26, 2023 |
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Artwork Niks Aan DoenArtwork Eén En Al Armen En BenenArtwork Och, och, och 5Artwork Roosje in de OoijArtwork Altijd Hugo
Also examine the Lost Tapes- and
America Nostalgia-supplements


How does this paper work?

Introduction offers the listener/reader to listen to or download every song and to print the lyrics.

With the media bar on the front page you can listen to the Song of the Week. You can also choose an article and a new page will be opened. There too you can listen to the song.
If you don't see a media bar, you might have an old version of your browser (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome of Safari) on your computer. Please install the most recent update to fully experience all has to offer.

To download a song to your hard drive, click on "DOWNLOAD". Where it will be saved, depends on your operating system and (the settings of) your web browser. Often this folder is called "Downloads" or "My Received Files". From there you can play it directly in your favorite player (like Windows Media Player, QuickTime, iTunes or WinAMP) or add it to your other digital music.

Printing the lyrics of a song is very easy. Just look for the "Print" function of your web browser.

For your own use you have the right to burn one or more songs on a recordable CD. Then you can listen to the music on your home or car stereo. Burning a CD can be done in many ways. Windows users often choose Nero; Apple users use Toast most of the time. Also Apple's iTunes (available for Windows and Mac OS X) is an all-time favorite.

Has forgotten something or is there anything going wrong, please send an e-mail to

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