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Donderdag 30 mei 2024 |
Hoofdredactie: Marc De Koninck |
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Newville Songs | 2009

Cumberland Valley, South Central PA

Platenhoes Cumberland Valley, South Central PA


Where we grew up in South Central PA We looked at our county as pretty, o.k. But we took it for granted, not as a grand gift No we didn't think much of the land where we lived But my first true love, she brought this surprise When she kissed me, I openend my eyes Beyond her sweet face I was touched by the grace Of North and South Mountain and their sweet embrace Of the boroughs, the cornfields, bankbarns and streams Then I knew for the rest of my life in my dreams I would always return to this summer day In Cumberland Valley, South Central PA Now I live far away, many years have gone by But still in my mind almost every day I Like to take out of Newville my rails to trails hike Or I'm flying down winding Creek Road on my bike Up in Colonel Denning a swim is so swell And if for a change I want city life, well In pretty Carlisle on Pomfret Street I Stroll by the boutiques to Hannover and High I walk 'round the lake up in old Boiling Springs These are just some of my favorite things To do in my dream of a warm summer day In Cumberland Valley, South Central PA When my days will be numbered and the good Lord would say Make one last wish and you will have your way Then all I will ask for is one summer day In Cumberland Valley, South Central PA

Tekst en muziek: Marc De Koninck
Copyright: © 2009

Platenhoes Cumberland Valley, South Central PA

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